What’s inside?

What we wanted to achieve with the 8raw8, is a 1:1 reproduction of the vintage drum machine electronic circuitry. A simple, useful device focused on the authentic sound.
Every Active component on the signal path is carefully selected to match the original. OPamps, transistors, diodes, signal ICs... It took ages to find the real deal.
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Passive components (capacitors, resistors) come from EU stocks. They were hand-picked when prototyping on breadboards. Their technology, brand, tolerancy… can make a big difference when A/B testing with a genuine drum machine.


All our components are Through Hole. It means they are soldered through the mainboard, unlike modern miniaturized SMD chips (Surface Mounting Device) which have different power ratings, and sometimes are off specs compared to a Through Hole version.
Power Supply and MIDI circuits were redesigned with up-to-date components.