What is the 8raw8 ?

   The 8raw8 is a Drum Machine Expander. It reproduces the analog drum voices of the legendary 808 drum machine without any compromise on the sound. RAW electronics has been manufacturing the 8raw8 since 2015. We’re still handcrafting our machines in southern France with the same passion.

What's inside ?

   What we wanted to achieve with the 8raw8, is a 1:1 reproduction of the vintage drum machine electronic circuitry. A simple, useful device focused on the authentic sound. Every Active component on the signal path is carefully selected to match the original. OPamps, transistors, diodes, signal ICs… Each part is rigorously tested and sourced directly from our NOS.

   Passive components (capacitors, resistors) come from EU stocks. They were hand-picked when prototyping on breadboards. Their technology, brand, tolerancy… can make a big difference when A/B testing with a genuine 808 drum machine.

   All our components are Through Hole. It means they are soldered through the mainboard, unlike modern miniaturized SMD chips (Surface Mounting Device) which often have lower power ratings, and are sometimes off specs compared to a Through Hole version. Power Supply and MIDI circuits were designed with up-to-date components.

Is there any Mods available ?

   Yes ! We experienced a lot of Mods when prototyping, some were cool and ohters were just too crazy… In order to keep the 8raw8 authentic, we decided to include the most useful mods only.

• BassDrum Tune Mod: allows you to modify the BD pitch.
Adjust the BassDrum oscillator frequency in the key of your song, or create basslines using long decay settings (rather than DAW detuning).
Recall standard pitch by turning off the “Mod on/off” switch.

• HandClap VCA Mod: From soft clicky handclap to loud harsh CLAP.
Opening the VCA potentiometer when the Clap/Maracas isn’t triggered will create a cool white noise FX.

Prototyping Mods

MIDI Interface

   The standard 1 octave midi mapping ranges from C3 to B3 (11 analog voices + Accent). The 8raw8 is not velocity sensitive on purpose. It kills the oldschool drum machine vibe. Only Accent can accentuate the overall volume/tone on the desired steps of your drum pattern, just like the original sequencer. MIDI Processing is very fast, allowing you to program those “trap” drumrolls with ease.

Trigger inputs

   The analog triggers input board allows you to control all the 8raw8’s analog drum voices (including accent) with trigger signals. These 3,5mm mono jack trigger inputs are buffered. It will take any positive pulse from +5V to +15V, any lenght, and convert it to the 8raw8/808 internal trigger standard. The conversion is entirely analogue and does not introduce delay at all, from the rising edge of the pulse to the voice triggering.
   Positive +5V to +15V pulses are the most common type of trigger signals. It is compatible with a lot of hardware sequencers and modular devices, like the Eurorack modular format. This major update (circa 2019) also required a mainboard rework. The trigger board is available when purchasing the 8raw8 only.

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